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Simplicite PolyDip System


Simplicité is an odourless PolyDip system created for the light cured era. We called it Simplicite because its simple to use, simple to remove and easy to use for nail extensions or just repairs. All these services increase business and revenue for the mobile, salon or spa based tech.

Simplicité PolyDip is a system that uses new oligomer technology and fits between the permanent polish market with Polish Pro Gel Polish and nail enhancement services like Attraction or Balance. 

The Simplicité PolyDip Nail Enhancement System is a whole new level of nail dipping systems. The unique light cured technology is faster than a traditional dip service and keeps client’s nails strong and healthy. With the new Simplicité PolyDip System, you can work on all 5 fingers at the same time because there is no dry time. 

This odourless system can be used for natural nail and tip overlays, and much more, cutting traditional salon service time in half! It’s the perfect addition to salons and spas that are looking to add an easy to use odourless service

The Festival Collection
The Festival Collection features 8 brand new Simplicite Colour Powders. This expansion to the line focuses on colours that celebrate activities and memories created between autumn and winter.