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NSI Secrets Range

Nail enhancements have changed with the technology and application techniques available to the nail technician over the last 10 years. Nail art has exploded into an array of colour in many different mediums including acrylics, gels, paints and tack free oligomers. Nail artist from all over the world have created many methods of application to create nail art and encapsulae, or raise the design onto the nail.

Secrets Powders
Secrets powders have been grinder to a fine powder and heavily coated for continuity of colour that can be applied in thin layers for fine detailed art. Creates intense colour for 3D but still retains the strength for sculpting and tip extensions.

Secrets Shades
Fine polymers designed for colour fades and nail designs with high pigmentation.

Secrets Moondust
These are dust mixture powders that give a stardust effect rather than a dense glitter giving depth to a design. Used by itself for a soft effect or layering with the shades can change a design.

Secrets Design Gel
Designed for detailing and drawing. A high gloss tack-free finish leaving a light embossed texture.

Secrets Prism Paints
One stroke paints for easy blending, depth of colour and fine detailing.

Secrets Sparkle
High reflective pure glitters for enhancing designs, dry brushing into permanent polish and hard gels or mixing for acrylic.

Secrets Liquid
Use with Secrets Nail Powders for Beautiful Enhancements. Draws the powder to the brush for showcase results

Secrets Brushes
A high quality brushes used to create neat edges and show worthy designs. Do not separate, being an essential tool for the prism paints, also for one stoke with the design gels.

Secrets Nail Tips & Forms
Secrets Nail Tips and Nail Forms for show quality results

Secrets Posters
High quality posters to promote your Secrets range of nails