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Glitters for Nail Art
Sliced Glitter
These small sliced glitters strips can be used with gel, acrylic or the natural nail

Sparkling Glitter
Brighter and more sparkling than ever before. Create the most vivid colours your nails have ever seen.

Diamond Glitter
The diamond glitter shapes are available in 2 sizes; large and petite and can be used with gel or acrylic.

Dazzling Glitter
Toni's Dazzling Glitters' suitable for gel and acrylic nail technicians. Can be used with artificial nail extensions and over natural nails. Available in a extensive range of colours and textures, the glitters will create beautiful and eye-catching nail art designs.

Cracked Ice
Innovative glitter flakes that can be embedded into gel or acrylic enhancements to reflect light and add colour and dimension into any design, available in 6 stunning colours.

Secrets Sparkle Glitter
Highly reflective pure glitters for enhancing designs, dry brushing into permanent polish and hard gels or mixing into acrylic

Polyester Glitter
A huge array of colours for every nail art design!

Twinkle Flakes
Chunkier flakes of glitter for nail art. Can be used with acrylic and gel nail extensions