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Nail Art
Chrome Pigment Nail Glitter
Stunning NEW super fine glitters to transform nails into the latest Chrome or Mermaid trend.

Pave Crystals
Create stunning crystal nails quickly, easily and accurately with this innovative stamper kit from Pave

Create your own custom glitter colour gels! Just mix the glitter xxxbase into your favorite Secrets Sparkle glitter combinations to xxxcreate new and totally unique mixes! This fun way to create new xxxcolours is a great way to introduce your clients to gels and to xxxshow off your artistic talents!

Nail Art Foils
Nail Art Foils by The Toni Collection for creating beautiful and unusual designs

Glitters for Nail Art
Brighter and more sparkling than ever before.

Display & Promotion
Items to display and promote your gel polish, traditional polish and nail art designs

Tools and Implements
A comprehensive range of quality tools and implements selected to help you work smarter not harder

The Toni Collection
Comprehensive selection of nail art accessories including range of glitters, metal shapes, bows, crowns and pearls.

Glass Beads
Hundreds of tiny beads that can be embedded into top coat, UV Gel and Acrylic in a variety of different colours.

Quality cut crystals which gives different appearance in colour.

NSI Secrets Range
NSI's new collection of professional design gels, powders and accessories for high result nail art designs.

Misa Striping Polish
Striping brush in a bottle, the quality of the brush is the secret enabling you to do the most detailed designs.

Crushed Shells
Crushed shells can be incorporated into Gel or Acrylic nail designs.