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Diploma in Massage Therapies

Beauty & Nail Training in Glasgow

Who is it for?

This course is open to those who wish to have a more extensive and rounded portfolio in Body Treatments.

What Qualification do I get? 

What does it cost?
£787.50 + vat (£945 inc.)

How do I pay?  ITA / Cash / Card

How long does the course last? 
1 day A&P
3 days Body Massage
1 Day Hot Stones
1 Day Indian Head Massage
* Students will return after eight weeks for an assessment day in Anatomy Physiology and Body Massage. The dates for which can be at the discretion of the student within a selected time frame set out by the centre. 

Will I be able to get Insurance once I have completed the course? Yes, the following companies will insure you…

  • ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists)
  • The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists

What could this course lead to?

Employment within the beauty industry

What will I do on the course?

  • Cell organisation
  • Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Lymphatic and Digestive systems
  • Physiological, Psychological and Physical effect of massage
  • Body Massage procedure
  • Stone Massage procedure
  • Contra-indications to treatments
  • Study of chakra charts
  • Ayurvedic healing massage
  • Indian Head Massage movement skills in the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, and face
  • Client Case Studies
  • Treatment evaluation
  • Homecare and aftercare
  • Health and Safety
  • Underpinning knowledge

What do I need to provide?
Models and Appropriate Salon Wear

How do I book?  Call 0141 891 5678 or visit us at…The Scottish Beauty School, 24 Ainslie Road, Hillington G52 4RU 

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